Squat with both power and speed.
Train slow, stay slow. Train fast, get fast.
Be the best in your field.
Industrial grade safety hydraulics spotting you.
How fast...Cormax fast?.
Speed... You decide!
Total control, Total Safety.
Step up to the line...
How smart are your weights?
Olympic Lift right at home.
Jump Squat right at home.
Bench Press right at home.

OUR GOAL? make technology work in your fitness & training business.

A single service for your WEBSITE, SOCIAL, CONTENT, GYM SOFTWARE and much more.
All in one easy to managage FIXED MONTHLY COST & NO CONTRACT.

Technology & Services

Whether it is gym management software, your website,wearable devices and the data they provide, Social Media Tools and Content Management we know how to support you Fitness & Training center.
You train and coach we'll support you and your team with the best the market has to offer.

Competitive Advantage

Sport and Training today comes down to small margins and advantages. Athletes and teams are focussed on the last split second or ounce of competitive advantage and Technology holds a lot of these answers. The devil is in the detail and sport comes down to inches and ounces, we'll search for that advantage for you and your athletes.

Business Benefits

We also understand that you run a business that needs to grow and make a profit. We understand the mechanics of your business, what costs money and where to find efficiencies and opportunity. Our hands approach combined with gym floor experience allows us to speak your language and work with you and your team.

Xperformm Inc.

The best technology and services partner to the fitness and training arena and Official distributors of Cormax in Canada.

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