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About Us

We are all about service

Established in 2013 XPerformm set out to be about one thing - SERVICE. Our goal is to build a business model that thrives because it provides an ongoing relevant services to our clients. Digital marketing (web sites, Social Media, SEO Hosting and more...) is not easy and getting more complex by the day. Our job is to make it easy, seriously, make it easy to ensure your business is well placed in your market and local to compete and win.

We are business folks that know how to work with technical folks. If you have tried this we know you know what we mean. We love our techies and we are rerally good at translating your business goals into language they understand, again - if you've tried this you understand.

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Why Choose Us

We'll make digital marketing and all that goes with it easy for you - so that you can focus on your business.

Web Sites

We'll design and maintain your web site keeping it current and competitive.

Web Hosting

We'll either work with your current hosting company or provide a new one all-in.

Social Media

We'll integrate your social media services with your web site and drive your social campaigns.


SEO is an important never ending task and we've got you covered, up to date and competitive.


We'll make sure you have your key digital and web performance indicators at your fingertips.


Having the right tools and current software is important as your business competes and grows.