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September 22, 2015

Complex Training is the pairing of a Plyometric movement (a type of exercise that uses explosive movements to develop muscular power) with a biomechanically similar strength movement. Although complex training methods vary in exercise order and rest intervals, for the purpose of this article focus will be on a low RM strength exercise followed immediately […]


June 4, 2015

Eccentric training, also known as negative training, is a technique that allows you to push your muscles past their normal point of failure.  Eccentric movements are performed involving lengthening of the muscle fibers.  This type of negative training is more demanding on the muscles, therefore they are fatigued a lot further than is possible during […]


The  Linebacker position requires Strength to be able to take on and shed blocks from Offensive Linemen; Agility to tackle running backs in the open field and Speed to be able to drop back into coverage.  In today’s SST Blog we will look at three exercises that will help you improve in these areas. Log […]


May 14, 2014

I think it’s high time we answered this question by debunking some of the myths surrounding the issue! From soccer moms to hockey dads and everyone in between, the question of strength training being harmful for young children always remains at the top of the list. The answer, of course, is NO!! Strength training is, […]


April 13, 2014

Squats are a staple in many successful athletes’ programs. Pound for pound, the Power Clean is a great exercise when performed properly. So, which is better? The answer depends on the program and the overall training goals.


March 28, 2014

If you are just getting into the spirit of using a strength coach or personal trainer and want to know what to look for, hopefully I can offer some advice. I have been in this field for over 14 years and have seen a lot. I’ve traded new information with colleagues, and used mentors and […]


March 17, 2014

I have worked with hundreds of athletes, weekend warriors, and average Joes.  Some needed to drop a few pounds while others would be considered “hardgainers” – those guys that say “no matter what I do I can’t gain weight.”  Thankfully, I had the remedy and was able to change their ways. Sleep – If you […]


March 6, 2014

Why is it … Why is it that whenever I’m in a gym, I see people benching the same weight at each workout? It usually goes like this: A person performs a few reps at 185 pounds then at 205, and maybe 225 and then they get stuck.   At this point the individual moves to […]


February 15, 2014

Xperformm is very pleased to announce a new blog contributed by Larry Jusdanis.   Larry is an accomplished personal trainer with a wealth of experience and a long list of accomplishments to his credit.  Himself a former CFL quarterback, Larry now owns and operates Sports Specific Training Inc. which offers personal strength and training programs for […]


January 10, 2014

An exciting announcement is about to arrive.  Check back soon!

Xperformm Inc.

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The slow speed contractions of traditional free weight training will make you stronger but have limited transfer to sports. Even with proper supervision, performing any of these lifts with free weights can be extremely dangerous. Cormax equipment, with its patented “Safety Cylinder”, allows these lifts with maximum speed, intensity, and safety.

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