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December 1, 2015

A great way to address fitness and health client retention is to offer “Online Memberships”. Offered either before or after the client has actually bought fitness/training services from you this is a great offering that will keep you connected to people over the long term. Online membership programs will do the following for you: Keep […]


November 5, 2015

As you obviously know having a Facebook Page for your sports/fitness business is pretty much essential. It is a direct link to existing clients and a very real link to everyone in your local or community. The Facebook Page works like a dedicated web site with your details, news and activity on it. You can […]


October 21, 2015

Do you feel like you are trapped in a game of Monopoly i.e. going round and round collecting the same “paycheck” or monthly income passing “Begin” every time. Your fitness and/or training business is tied to the hours available in a day/week/month which is a finite number so how do you grow? It is challenging […]


October 6, 2015

Clients are the worst at telling you what they want mostly because they are all about goals and objectives and less clear on how to get there. “I want to loose 10 lbs!” or “I want to get fit!” or “I want to feel strong again!”. That’s the “Why” they are there, they are relying […]


September 28, 2015

All you fitness and sports training professionals out there already have regular blogs on your web sites right? And.. on your web site is where your blog posts should be, it’s the best place for you clients to find the information you are sharing with them, no doubts. BUT… here’s another option. Just last week […]


September 21, 2015

Wearable devices in general is one of the most exciting pieces of technology today. They are a lot cheaper, a lot easier to use and track a lot more data than in the past. BUT…… are they useful in the greater scheme of the sports and personal training arena? In this first piece we will […]


September 8, 2015

You’ve heard the expression “I can run my business on the back of a napkin”? Well, not quite that bad these days but, it is still pretty common to hear people tell of how they “can get along just fine” with Excel and/or Word to keep everything in their small business running smoothly. Now.. as […]


August 28, 2015

“Dot it myself, its cheaper and I’ll learn vs. get an expert to do it for me?” It’s a reasonable question no doubt BUT not a clever question. Sounds harsh well…. Imagine if your fitness clients went down the same road – “I can learn to train myself. I’ll get on the web and I’ll […]


June 19, 2015

Ask many trainers or gym owners today “what do you look for in gym management SOFTWARE?” and you may find the typical or traditional response – “what’s it going to cost me?” Unfortunate because today the capabilities and benefits far outweigh the flat dollar value in fact, critically analyzed you are more likely to find […]


May 7, 2015

Like many industries the difference between an net new customer and an existing one is… well, HUGE. The cost,effort and time required to gain a new customer can range anywhere between $500 and $2,500. In the the gym and fitness world it is easily the old saying “you have to spend a $1 to make […]

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