Our goal is to ensure your gym uses the best there is in sports & fitness technology.
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Health & Fitness industries have never been stronger and more important than in the new millennium. A bigger percentage of people are becoming interested and focussed on physical well-being, health and fitness. Your fitness and training business is a great place to be.
However, it is also the digital age of online business, social media and web based capabilities. Its a tough part of your business and it changes almost on an annual basis. Keeping up is one thing, getting ahead is whole other challenge.
Xperformm is 100% specialized in the fitness, sports and physical training industry. We have the skills, experience, knowledge and partners to ensure that you have the best technology and related services serving your business.

Three core digital components are nothing less than critical:



Xperformm Inc.

The safest Equipment for ballistic, strength and speed training. Official distributors of Cormax in Canada.

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The slow speed contractions of traditional free weight training will make you stronger but have limited transfer to sports. Even with proper supervision, performing any of these lifts with free weights can be extremely dangerous. Cormax equipment, with its patented “Safety Cylinder”, allows these lifts with maximum speed, intensity, and safety.

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