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Content is a valuable asset to any business but, especially to fitness and personal training oganizations because its all about personal moments and successes for athletes and clients. Programs, routines and other documents are created and improved over years of experience and learning and as such form valuable collateral that can be shared and consumed.

Securing , structuring and making these content assets available for sharing and consumption is an important aspect for a fitness and training group that should be a diciplined part of the business.

We understand these assets thier nature and importance which include:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Program sheets
  • Training routines
  • Schedules
  • Research papers
  • Case Studies

Search and Social

In the digital world we live in today where information in any format forms part of the social media arena, the requirment is to have all these aseets available, searchable and contextual. Its all about the competition of whos information is found and presented first across the spectrum of search and social tools on the web. Be discoverable!

Content Management steps:

With these 5 steps you'll be up and running in no time:

  • Step 1 - Collect and centralize all assets
  • Step 2 - Name, version and tag every asset
  • Step 3 - Establish system and populate
  • Step 4 - Index and testing
  • Step 5 - Publish, Archive and Support

You will have:

Content Management work is never done BUT.... establishing that DAY 1 is important and then just as important the ongoing objectives and work to make your content truly dynamic, available and scalable as you create new and exciting assets every day.

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