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Gym Management Software provides the professional fitness and training center with significant capabilities and opprtunities. Having your business run smoothly while staying connected with your clients and focussing on the core business elements is critical to business success and growth.

Training and Coaching for many comes easily so why not get software to do the rest for you. Ensure your business is online and highly accessible for clients and staff ensuring first grade service and client satisfaction.

Great Gym Management Software will:

  • Do your billing and point of sale.
  • Manage training resources.
  • Provide robust online booking.
  • Provide many client tools for enhanced service.
  • Easy access to reporting and vital information.
  • Task Automation.
  • Provide mobile access via smartphone apps.
  • Enable effective client and prospect marketing.

A Business Approach

Our goal is to i) find and work with the best products for you, ii) provide services that ensure you stay ontop of your gym management software and iii) provide support and advancement services.

MindBody Online

MindBody Online is a , if not the, leading health/fitness and wellness management software available today.

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For the single personal trainer operator or small gym business, you'll have everything you need from amStatz.

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Xperformm Inc.

The safest Equipment for ballistic, strength and speed training. Official distributors of Cormax in Canada.

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Train Safely

The slow speed contractions of traditional free weight training will make you stronger but have limited transfer to sports. Even with proper supervision, performing any of these lifts with free weights can be extremely dangerous. Cormax equipment, with its patented “Safety Cylinder”, allows these lifts with maximum speed, intensity, and safety.

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