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Speak to any coach or sports trainer and mention these three goals:

  • Increase Athletic Performance
  • Prevent Injury
  • Rehab Faster
You'll have their attention in a split second.

Tensiomyography will deliver.

Tensiomyography™ is a patented technology and innovative muscle diagnostic technological procedure that is non-invasive, selective and reliable. It was developed to precisely measure an athlete’s individual muscle contractions and is able to determine muscle activation pattern (muscle fiber type utilization), and muscle tone, as well as muscle reaction and muscle contraction times.

The important bio-mechanic data delivered by Tensiomyography™ helps athletes optimize their training and performance by identifying muscular imbalances (symmetry and synchronization), preventing injuries and allowing more efficient rehabilitation.

The specific muscle contraction property changes that Tensiomyography™ measures are important factors for athletes and medical or training professionals looking for a complete, objective and quantitative assessment of an individual’s muscle performance, athletic training and rehabilitation processes.

What does it mean for your gym?

Our goal and the goal of our partners at TMG North America is to help you:

  • Learn more about this technology
  • Productize the testing service for your gym/facility
  • Add a new revenue line for your business
  • Provide training services supported by the data.
  • Delivery on the 3 corner stones Increase Performance - Prevent Injuty - Rehab Faster

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